Working With A Buyer’s Agent & Getting Pre-Approved For  A Loan.


Why is it a good idea to get pre-qualified for a mortgage?


The internet home search sites such as Zillow and Realtor have made searching for houses a breeze.  We work with many buyers who already know more about the property when they call us than we do. We have found that many of the clients we meet as a result of advertising on Zillow, and Realtor are not pre-qualified for a loan.  We have found buyers looking at houses that are way under their budget because they think that is what they can afford.  


Should you get pre-qualified and use a buyers agent?

Choosing a buyers agent, and getting pre-qualified for a loan are the first things you should do once you have decided to buy a house.  Why choose a buyers agent? Purchasing real estate is a complicated process. You need a trained professional to assist with the process.  A buyers agent will make sure your best interest is protected. In most cases being represented by an agent doesn’t cost the buyer anything.  A listing agent can assist you with the purchase of a property and they are required to treat you honestly and fairly but their number one obligation is to the owner of the property they are selling.  


Reasons buyers should get pre-qualified


First of all, it doesn’t cost anything and if you find that you are not financially ready to purchase a house at this time, the lender can assist you with the proper steps to improve your situation.  A pre-approval will establish your budget so your buyer’s agent can more accurately search for houses for you. A pre-approval lets sellers know you are a serious buyer who has already taken steps to buy a house.  In the current market, you will have a hard time finding a seller who will negotiate with you if you are not pre-qualified.


Are you ready to take the first steps in the home buying process?  We would welcome the opportunity to assist you. Contact us today and we will get you started.


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